Exhibition "KUNSzT" – artists of the 70s through the eyes of Tadeusz Rolke

"KUNSzT" is a unique and unique collection of never before publicly presented photographs of artists who created in Hamburg in the 70s. During his ten-year stay in Germany, Tadeusz Rolke made a series of portraits of artists,

of which only single portraits of Joseph Beuys and Gerhard Richter are known. The exhibition devoted mainly to the artistic environment of Hamburg will be on display from 12 May at the Powiśle Power Plant, during the week of the Night of Museums in Warsaw.

The artist and the curator of the exhibition selected several dozen photographs from the artist's extensive photo archive. You can see fragments of the studio in which most of the photos were taken, as well as paintings, sketches or spatial forms. Thanks to this, visitors to the exhibition will gain insight into the lives of the creators of this period.


About the artist:

Tadeusz Rolke was born in 1929 in Warsaw, where he lived and worked as a photojournalist in the 50s and 60s (for the magazines "Stolica", "Polska"), fashion photographer, ("You and Me"), artist photographer, lecturer (Warsaw School of Photography, University of Warsaw) publisher (co-founder of ediotion.fotoTapeta). After the Warsaw Uprising, he was deported to forced labor in Germany. After the war, he studied art history in Lublin and Warsaw. Imprisoned during the Stalinist period. In the 70s he lived in Hamburg, photographing there m.in for "Sterna", "Geo" and "Art", as well as during theatre festivals in Italy, France and the Netherlands. He made many trips m.in to the USSR, France, Greece, Italy, Yugoslavia, Israel, Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania and Ukraine. After 1989 he cooperated with "Gazeta Wyborcza". He is the author of many exhibitions and photographic publications. Recently, the album "Tu byłaliśmy" was released, which is a record of the most important cycle devoted to the memory of the Jewish minority, which has been carried out for nearly 30 years. His works are in many public collections and private collections in Poland and abroad. He photographs continuously to this day.


About the exhibition:

Place: Elektrownia Powiśle, Dobra 42, 2nd floor (above Bar Centrala)

Duration: 12 May–20 June 2022

Opening hours: Tuesday–Sunday 12:00–21:00

Admission is free.

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