New stores at Elektrownia Powiśle!

All shopping lovers will soon find new brands at Elektrownia Powiśle:

  • Wariackie Papiery – 29.05

Wariackie Papiery was created out of a passion for nice and useful things. A wide range will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

  • B Sides/Millo Baby – 1.06

B SIDES HANDMADE is a label based in Warsaw that personifies high quality and unique pieces, in addition to detail and minimalism, contrasted with color expression, functionality, and sensuality. Every piece emerges with its own strong identity and is hand crafted in Podlasie with the finest quality 100% Peruvian alpaca and merino wool, which is light, hyper soft, anti-allergic, healthy for the body and easy in care.

  • Balagan – 1.06

Balagan shoes merge the simple elegance of Polish design with the casual, universal look that characterizes the Israeli street. Balagan believes in timeless aesthetics, commitment to quality and detail, and classic design. The brand makes products from high-quality, natural leather, which simply invite you to wear them.

  • Gentiluomo Milano – 3.06

Gentiluomo Milano is a manufacture with over 30 years of experience in producing handcrafted male shoes. Their shoes are dedicated to men, who value elegance, quality and uniqueness, for whom fashion is a way of life, and Gentiluomo completes their style. Gentiluomo Milano offer includes wardrobe essentials, from classic to casual wear shoes.

  • Boska – 3.06

The founder of BOSKA brand used to design jewelry for fashion shows, to complete her collections and collections of other brands, as well as for her wonderful Clients. In BOSKA's offer you can find distinctive and precisely manufactured long necklaces, bracelets and earings. All products are designed with passion and love for fashion, people and the world they live in. The author creates short collections, so some products are often the only ones ever produced. The uniqueness of the jewelry, in combination with the author's open and interesting personality, makes Clients fall in love with BOSKA.

  • Marc O'Polo Denim – 5.06

MARC O’POLO DENIM offers contemporary casual wear. It combines Scandinavian design with the love of denim. The brand is digital, modern, urban and natural, as well as sustainable and environmentally conscious. MARC O’POLO DENIM creates a community, inspires, celebrates life and is always curious. It is #realdenimlove.

  • Elementy – 6.06

Elementy is a brand that has a modern and sustainable approach to fashion. It boasts classic design with a modern twist. All clothes are made from high quality materials and sewn locally. Only brands with shared values can be found in the Elementy shop. The brand is transparent, therefore it provides information about the actual production costs of their clothes.

  • NANOWO – 10.06

NANOWO is the first boutique in Poland that offers a unique selection of expertly refurbished Apple brand electronics. The enthusiasts, who stand behind this concept, professionally and honestly restore the most popular models to their condition straight from the production line and add the best certificates and the longest warranty. NANOWO products are also carefully and elegantly packaged.

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